BIS BISS Am/Eng Ch.Tamarlane's Veni Vidi Vici ROM


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Veni Vidi Vici means I came I saw I conquered in Latin.  He certainly lived up to his name in every way.  He was number one ranked Akita in both the US and England.  He won the National  and  was a Best In Show winner in both countries.  He is a Register of Merit sire.   "Victor" was one of our best Akitas, both from the standpoint of his success in the show ring as well as his contribution to our breeding program.  All of our current Akitas trace their lineage to him.   One of my favorite photos (below) shows him at the age of four months.  The other picture shows him winning the Stud Dog Class at the Akita Club of America regional specialty in Las Vegas.



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