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My other passion in life is horses.  The picture on the left is  a large stained glass window I made.  It is at the front door of my house.   You can tell by looking at it, that I think Arabian horses are special.  I have had, bred and shown these horses for the past  forty years.  I no longer show in halter and normal performance classes because some years ago I discovered combined driving as a competitive event.  That has been my form of horse competition since then.  I have included pictures of some of my best horses as well as pictures from some of the driving competitions.  Enjoy..........             



Szafir 5.jpg (56335 bytes) My stallion Szafir, sired by the immortal *Bask and out of my foundation mare Hut-Szara.  He was my pride and joy as well as head stallion at SZA Arabians from 1972 until his passing in 1996.  This stallion was the quintessential Arabian.  He had the power of a tornado, yet you could ride him with threads for reins.  Trainers were frustrated by him because he had a mind of his own. And a   very inventive one at that.  I admired his intelligence and sometimes not so subtle ways of telling you that he did your bidding because he wanted to, not because he had to. An athlete in every way, his center of balance was such that you felt you could never be unseated no matter what flights of fancy he might come up with.  Which he dearly loved to do.  Once when practicing school figures with him, he leaped up, all four of the ground , made a 180 degree turn while still in air, and landed sedately cantering in the other direction without missing a step.  This maneuver was executed so smoothly that I never felt like I might loose contact with his back.  This creature, more than any other, made my spirit soar when we worked together.

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