We breed only once, occasionally twice, a year and therefore do not always have puppies for sale.  Once in a while  we might also have an older puppy or finished champion available.  

This page will let you know what litters we are expecting and when they are due.  To see what our contracts are like follow the "contracts" link .  Be sure you can live with our contract before contacting us for a puppy:)  

If you are interested in a Tamarlane Akita you can e-mail me  and tell me a little about yourself. Include such things as:  where you live; why you want an Akita; how many children you have and their ages; what other pets you have; how and where will the Akita be housed; what type of fencing you have around your property;  whether you want a pet/companion Akita or whether you are interested in breeding and/or showing.