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Photos of American versus Japanese Akitas

The Akita Dilemma    One Breed or Two: A Historical Perspective  (from Dogs in Review)

The Case For Two Akita Breeds

Choosing a Breeder Very good information about finding a reputable breeder from Phouka's Dog Page

The Twelve Commandments of a Responsible Breeder

Tamarlane     This is my homepage in case you have not seen it yet :)

Akita Colors and Markings  This page describes the colors and markings that are allowed on the AKC registration applications.

Akita Resource Center     Many links to Akita information and breeders

Raritan River Akita Club    Large site containing much interesting information and many links

Akita Temperament   Excellent article on Akita Temperament. A must read for anyone owning or thinking about owning an Akita. It is fairly long so you may want to print it out and read at your leisure.

Kids and Pets  This and the next link have very good information about children and dogs

Kids and Pets   Children and dogs

Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach

Welcome to Dog Owner's Guide!    A great resource for training and behavior

Super Dog Pet Dog Training   Hints and help with common dog training problems

Sebaceous Adenitis   "Taka's Story"  A  hereditary skin condition in Akitas 

VKH in Akitas  A hereditary eye disease in Akitas

Akita Club of America   National Breed Club for Akitas

American Kennel Club

Titles    Tells you about what all those letters in front or behind a dogs name mean

Japanese Akita Club of America  Club devoted to breeding pure Japanese type Akitas

Akita-Talk  Join this Akita oriented E-Mail list if you want to discuss Akitas or have questions about the breed

The Dog Place   "Everything about dogs with lots of other links"


Sites continually being added:)

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